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Everyday we share a piece of our love in the form of a cheesecake, so today and everyday after we will be putting extra love into our cakes because that is what the world needs right now… so come for the cakes but you will leave with a lot of extra love.

Cookie and Cream Cheesecake graphic

The Spirit Behind the Bakery

Shoshianna Moore was the visionary and co-founder of Not Cho Cheesecake, a small bakery baking with love, joy, happiness, and big flavor. Sadly, we experienced her loss in 2020 but we continue to fulfill her love for making made-from-scratch treats as a one-of-a-kind cheesecake bakery in downtown Bethany, Oklahoma.

Co-owners Glen Whitaker and ShoShianna Moore of Not Cho Cheesecake
ShoShianna Moore
ShoShianna Moore Co-Founder of Not Cho Cheesecake

Shoshianna served our country in the military and was a proud Combat Veteran.

Shoshinna Moore Combat Veteran and Co-founder of Not Cho Cheesecake
Shoshinna Moore Military image
Shoshinna Moore Combat Veteran and Co-founder of Not Cho Cheesecake

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